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    domingo, 12 de octubre de 2008

    Vídeo y Letra: "I'll Never Tell" - Xander y Anya (Once More, With Feeling)

    This is the man that I plan to entangle
    Isn't he fine?
    My claim to fame was to maim and to mangle
    Vengeance was mine
    But I’m out of the biz
    The name I made I'll trade for his
    The only trouble is...
    I’ll never tell

    She is the one she's such wonderful fun
    Such passion and grace
    Warm in the night when I’m right
    In her tight--
    Tight embrace
    I’ll never let her go
    The love we've known can only grow
    There's just one thing that--
    I’ll never tell
    Ambos: 'cause there's
    Nothing to tell

    He snores
    She wheezes
    Say "housework," and he freezes
    She eats these Skeezy cheeses
    That I can't describe
    I talk,
    He breezes
    She doesn't know
    What please is
    His penis got diseases
    From a chumash tribe
    The vibe gets kind of scary
    Like she thinks I'm ordinary
    Like it's all just temporary
    Like her toes are kind of hairy
    But it's all very well
    'Cause, god knows,
    I'll never tell

    When things get rough
    He just hides behind his Buffy
    Now look, he's getting huffy
    'Cause he knows that I know
    She clings,
    She's needy
    She's also really greedy
    She never--
    His eyes are beady
    This is my verse,
    Hello? She--

    Look at me!
    I'm dancin' crazy!

    You know
    You're quite the charmer
    My knight in armour
    You're the cutest of the scoobies
    With your lips as red as rubies
    And your firm yet supple--
    Tight embrace

    He's swell
    She's sweller
    He'll always be my feller
    That's why I’ll never
    Tell her that I’m petrified
    I’ve read this tale
    There's wedding
    Then betrayal
    I know there'll come the day
    I'll want to run and hide

    I lied
    I said it's easy
    I’ve tried
    But there's these fears I can't quell
    Is she looking for a pot of gold?
    Will I look good when I’ve gotten old?
    Will our lives become too stressful
    If I’m never that successful?
    When I get so worn and wrinkly
    That I look like David Brinkley
    Am I crazy?
    Am I dreamin'?
    Am I marrying
    A demon?
    We could
    Really raise the beam
    In makin' marriage a hell
    So, thank god,
    I'll never tell
    I swear
    That I’ll never tell
    My lips
    Are sealed
    I take the fifth
    Nothing to see,
    Move it along
    I’ll never

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